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First German Christmas

Thought I would add a few pictures of my decorations this year. It was our first Christmas in our one bedroom, 12th floor flat in Germany after 23 years in the same three bedroom house in England, so quite a few decorations had to go away unused, particularly outside lights, though we did manage a few on the balcony and on the windows.
 The tree reflected in the balcony door, with showing some of the lantern lights on the balcony   
So here is our tree by day and night. On the night picture you can the lanterns on the balcony, over the reflection of the tree in the door.

These are some of our oldest decorations. The candlelights on the dresser are a bit like lava lamps. My husband's parents bought them for his first Christmas. Two of the candles have broken, one when he was a child and one this year. If a bulb blows there are no more spares, and over fifty years later I doubt we will be able to get anything to replace them. 
We put the ring in the hallway. It was originally made by my father and two of these used to hang over the dining table, at Christmas, when I was a child. However we had to replace the lights and decorations fifteen to twenty years ago, as again we couldn't get new bulbs and the plastic decorations were falling apart, 
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