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^^ If my house looked like that,
I wouldn't be having this problem :p

I've always wanted to throw a Christmas eve party but never could because my house is so small (I live in a two family apartment and occupy the upstairs). My kitchen gets crowded with three people in it so having it in there is out of the question. But then it dawned on me that maybe instead of a dinner party, I can have like a finger food party (I forgot the technical term for that, if someone knows, tell me!) in my living room. My living room is very small as well but at least I can fit a few people on the couch and one on the arm chair. The rest are free to walk around the house. Maybe I could leave the food on the kitchen table, and people will be free to help themselves. Anyways, if anyone is familiar with throwing these kind of parties, and keeping the small space dilemma in mind, do you have any advice for me? Any recipes in mind? Thank you!

[Edit= Now I've come up with the idea of having a DESSERT party.
So if you know any good Holiday dessert recipes, please let me know!]

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