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My blue and silver Christmas

For this Christmas, my family is hosting for the extended family and my mom decided to go with a blue and silver theme. She put me in charge of decos since I love crafting up things and here's some of the stuff so far...

A wreath in the making.

Wood objects being painted and glittered.

Box filled with silver goodies.

And some blue and glittered stuff aswell.

Things done:
-Painted nutcraker in blue hues.
-Outdoor scenery in white cutouts(used with blue lights behind).
-Some good old paper snowflakes for windows.

Things that need to be done!!! :
-White paper lanterns. My mum looooves those!
-More lights to be put on stair ramps.
-Stockings need to be sewed.
-More scenery cutouts.
-Wreaths to be done(2).
-Centerpieces for dinner tables.
-Etiquettes for glasses of wine? (if time allows it)
-Decos for both bathrooms? (I don't know...)

To be continued...
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